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Understanding a Mortgage Acceleration Clause

Do you know if your mortgage has an acceleration clause? Have you ever even heard of an acceleration clause? If not, then don't worry; most homeowners pay off their entire mortgage without ever having to worry about this particular part of their loan agreement. However, it's still valuable to understand what this clause means, since it could result in your lender demanding immediate mortgage repayment under certain circumstances. In this post, you'll receive a brief introduction to acceleration clauses and why they are not something to joke about!

Mortgage Points, Explained

If you've applied for a mortgage before, you likely heard the lender reference rates and points. While most people are familiar with rates (the percentage of interest that must be paid on the loan annually), fewer borrowers understand how points affect their mortgage. Keep reading for a quick primer covering the basics of mortgage points and how they can benefit you!

5 Mortgage Mistakes You Don't Have to Make

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time; after all, to err is human. While they sometimes come out of nowhere, many mistakes are easily avoided if a person is willing to put in a little extra effort or pay a little more attention. This post will highlight five simple errors commonly committed by people before or after acquiring a mortgage. With a good read and a bit of luck, you can make sure that your finances are in the best shape possible for years to come!