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Fountain Lake School District

The Fountain Lake School District is one of seven K-12 independent school districts in Garland County, Arkansas. All schools are committed to a child-oriented environment providing challenging opportunities and building responsible achievers for success in the twenty-first century. This we will do regardless of sex, race, social economic background, or academic performance level.

Fountain Lake Primary

Fountain Lake Intermediate

Fountain Lake High

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Jessieville School District

The Jessieville School District is located in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas. The schools and their students are the focal point of the community of Jessieville. It is known as one of the best school districts in the state! Through sporting events, musical programs, and other activities, the community comes together through their schools. The Jessieville School District is strongly dedicated to the personal growth and education of their students. Through the pride that the Jessieville Schools have, the community will continue to seek and build on as the school technology plan is developed and implemented.