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Don't Forget These Areas During Spring Cleaning

Spring is right around the corner, which means that it's almost time for one of the season's classic events: spring cleaning! If you're anything like me, you relish any opportunity to clear out all of the clutter and grime that builds up inside during the winter months. Everyone does the obvious things like washing the floors and wiping off the tables, but there are lots of inconspicuous places in your home that can easily go overlooked. In this post, you can see which areas need a little more attention in order to ensure a thorough deep clean this spring!

How Mortgage Rate Changes Affects Buyers

graph with value growing higherAs the COVID-19 pandemic eases and the economy starts to ramp back up you are likely to see changes in the mortgage rates that are hovering near historic lows at this time. What effect will this have on your decision to jump into the housing market? Should you rush into it or just take a wait and see approach? It may be one of the main factors in your decision, although a lot of other things have to fall into place before you can move forward. How important though is the mortgage rate you get when deciding to buy a home? Should you worry if you are not ready and you keep seeing those rates go higher?

Preventative Tips for Extreme Weather Events

icicleThere is a lot we can learn from the recent weather events that had much of the area snowed in, iced over, and suffering from extreme cold temperatures. While the recent weather was not what we are used to there are some lessons we can take from this so that we can be more prepared in the future for any extreme weather we may encounter. Whether it is extreme cold or heat or flooding and natural disasters we must be prepared for what the future could hold.