Home Maintenance Tips

These Unsafe Behaviors Could Lead to an Electrical Fire

Few things are as frightening as the prospect of a house fire. Between 2012 and 2016, the U.S. saw an average of 355,400 home structure fires per year, resulting in an annual $6.5 billion in property damage and, more importantly, seven deaths each day. It will come as no surprise to learn that cooking, which obviously involves the use of a heating element, results in nearly half of home fires; however, 10% of house fires are caused by electrical problems, which can be harder to detect and prevent. In fact, although electrical fires accounted for only 10% of total fires from 2012-2016, the National Fire Protection Association reports that they resulted in an outsized proportion (19%) of fire deaths. Luckily, you can reduce your chances of having an electrical fire by avoiding a few dangerous, but common, behaviors.

Home Inspectors Won't Ignore These Three Maintenance Mistakes

You might think that a minor issue with your home can simply be covered up, but a home inspector probably won't feel the same way. Rather than try to hide a problem, you would be better off simply taking care of it before you get called out. Keep reading to learn about three of the most common "minor" issues that home inspectors often catch home owners trying to ignore or cover up.

Avoid Appliance Fires with This Advice

"Did I leave the oven on?" It's a thought that everyone has had at one point or another, and for good reason! After all, there is perhaps no other home disaster with the same combination of frightening consequences and ease of occurrence as a house fire. Our many appliances make our lives much easier, but they are also a common source of fires in our home. Keep reading for advice about how you can identify potential fire hazards and prevent them from going up in flames.