Hot Springs Village Resort

Hot Springs Village, a recreational resort community in Arkansas' Ouachita Mountains, near Lake Ouachita National Park, is the largest gated community in the U.S. encompassing 40.7 square miles.

Hot Springs Village offers year-around golfing at 9 professionally designed golf courses, 15 professionally surfaced tennis courts, fishing, boating, water-skiing, and swimming in 11 pristine recreational lakes, over 20 miles of walking trails, 200+ clubs and fraternal organizations, and many more activities for all ages.

The Hot Springs Village lifestyle has attracted people from all 50 states and numerous countries around the world. Homes in Hot Springs Village vary from very affordable townhomes to affluent waterfront retreats, with an average sale price of approximately $180,000.

When compared to other full-service resort communities, Hot Springs Village fares as one of the most affordable places to live in the country!  Come vacation in Hot Springs Village . . . you just may decide to stay for a lifetime!

More About Hot Springs Village

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Buyers, Don't Panic If Your Credit Score Falls

After finally purchasing a home, buyers are often dismayed to find that their credit score has taken a significant dip. If you just spent the last year working to boost your score and qualify for a mortgage, then it's understandable to be a little concerned at seeing it suddenly fall. To make the situation even more confusing, this decline often lags several months behind the home purchase, raising doubts about what actually caused it to happen. Luckily, a study done by LendingTree in 2018 shows that a drop in credit score following a home purchase is not only normal, but generally corrects itself in less than one year! Keep reading to learn why scores fall after buying a home, how large you should expect the decline to be, and when you can expect the score to return to normal.

Take Your Stairs to the Next Level

As we talked about in our last blog your entryway can make or break a first impression but whether you realize it or not, your home's staircase is one of its most prominent focal points; after all, many layouts present it as the first thing you see upon entering the front door. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect their stairs as just a means to reaching the upper floor. If you've realized the error of your ways and want to make a change, keep reading to learn about several great options for taking your stairs to the next level!

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A home really has two chances at a first impression: the view from the street, and the view when you walk through the front door. Just as a friendly greeting can put a new acquaintance at ease, your foyer, or entryway, can immediately make guests feel comfortable and welcome in your home. While this fact is important for entertaining friends and family in everyday life, a well-designed foyer is also key to imparting an excellent first impression on prospective buyers! No matter how you pronounce it, there are some basic elements that will allow any foyer to be a warm and welcoming entry space (and some that accomplish the opposite).