Home Selling

Hiring a Home Stager? Ask Them These Questions

Staging is becoming an increasingly important aspect of selling your home, especially in competitive markets. While you might be hesitant to spend a significant amount of money on a professional stager, experts agree that the benefits outweigh the cost. Of course, the key to effective staging is to find the right person for the job. Keep reading to learn which questions you should ask to help choose the perfect home stager!

Remove These Scary Items Before Showing Your Home

"Scary" is a relative term. While one person might view something as an interesting piece of art, another might see it as downright disgusting. Rather than take the risk with something as important as a home sale, here are some items that should always be removed before showing the home to any potential buyer.

First Impressions Go a Long Way to a Successful Open House

welcome mat with shoes on itThe Open House is probably one of the most important ways that potential buyers can really get a good look at your home. Pictures on the internet can only do so much. While we are in the times of the Coronavirus, pictures may be the first gateway to your home but the Open House may be necessary to really seal a deal. What better way to give your home a fresh look before people even get out of the car than to rehab your curb appeal.