Home Selling

Study Shows FSBO Results in Significantly Lower Sale Price

If you've ever sold a home, chances are good that you thought about doing it yourself. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) often lures in home sellers with dreams of not paying a commission or dealing with an agent, but it comes with important disadvantages. In fact, a study from 2017 found that homes sold without an agent do so at a significantly lower price on average, meaning that these owners ended up avoiding a commission at any cost (even if it meant losing money)!

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Selling Too Soon

In today's housing market, where strong price growth has become the norm, many potential sellers are having the same thought: "I don't want to lose out on profit by selling my home too early". These home owners believe that, by holding out for a few extra months, they will be able to add thousands of extra dollars to their bank account. While this may seem like a tempting proposition, Realtor.com recently pointed out three flaws in this thinking. In reality, there is little reason to be overly concerned with the timing of your sale within the current market as long as it fits your personal timeline.

These Mistakes Can Sabotage Your Home Sale

With something as personally and financially important as selling your home, you want to do everything in your power to make sure the process is seamless! Sure, there are always unforeseeable issues that can arise, but some of the most common problems are self-inflicted! The goal of this post is to warn current and future sellers about some of the easily-avoidable ways that they can sabotage their own sale.