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Fix These Four Common Decorating Mistakes

Everyone tries to give their home at least a little bit of style by adding some decorating flair, but simple mistakes can easily overshadow an otherwise well-put-together room. Often, it can be hard to put your finger on what exactly the issue is with the design of a space, but most people understandably aren't going to hire a professional interior designer to come in and critique their living room. This is where home renovation website Houzz comes in; Houzz recently wrote about some of the most common mistakes that are made by people when decorating their home and suggested simple ways to fix them. In this post, I've highlighted four mistakes that are among the easiest to identify and correct.

By the Numbers: Mortgage Rates Fall to 2016 Levels

Big news came out last week for those looking to secure or refinance a mortgage, as mortgage rates tumbled to their lowest point since November 2016. Of course, there was plenty of other movement happening among the housing market's other key indicators as well. Keep reading for a brief rundown of all the latest real estate news by the numbers.

What Do You Want in a Perfect Neighborhood?

Picture your dream neighborhood. What kinds of amenities does it have? Everyone has different tastes, but a recent survey by home improvement website shows that many of us have the same ideas when it comes to what features make an area a great place to live. Improvenet asked more than 2,200 people over the age of 18 for their opinions about a variety of neighborhood-related questions. Unfortunately, just 30% of respondents reported that they currently live in their dream neighborhood, so keep reading to learn what 70% of people are apparently missing out on!