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Avoid Appliance Fires with This Advice

"Did I leave the oven on?" It's a thought that everyone has had at one point or another, and for good reason! After all, there is perhaps no other home disaster with the same combination of frightening consequences and ease of occurrence as a house fire. Our many appliances make our lives much easier, but they are also a common source of fires in our home. Keep reading for advice about how you can identify potential fire hazards and prevent them from going up in flames.

The Changing Trends of New Housing in 2017

The number of new homes completed in 2017 reached the highest annual level since the Great Recession, according to the Census Bureau's recently released 2017 Characteristics of New Housing report. Besides simply having more of them, what other changes were observed in new homes built last year? Keep reading to learn about the latest trends happening in home construction across the country!

Understanding a Mortgage Acceleration Clause

Do you know if your mortgage has an acceleration clause? Have you ever even heard of an acceleration clause? If not, then don't worry; most homeowners pay off their entire mortgage without ever having to worry about this particular part of their loan agreement. However, it's still valuable to understand what this clause means, since it could result in your lender demanding immediate mortgage repayment under certain circumstances. In this post, you'll receive a brief introduction to acceleration clauses and why they are not something to joke about!