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Have You Ever Had a Home Maintenance Inspection?

If you've been living in and loving your home for many years, then you probably want that happiness to continue into the future. One of the best ways to look out for your home's long-term health is to schedule a home maintenance inspection. Never heard of it? There's nothing mysterious about it; in fact, a home maintenance inspection is basically identical to the inspection that occurs prior to a home sale, but without the intent to sell! Keep reading for a brief explanation of why this inspection is a good idea.

Is A Fixer-Upper In Your Future?

toolsBuying a fixer-upper might be a dream for you at this point in your life, but it is always to have your feet firmly based in reality. Nothing is as easy as they make it out to be on television or on the internet. Homes are a complex endeavor that often like to hide issues and add money to the project at just a moment's notice. Did you tear out a shower and discover black mold? Or maybe you find that the hardwood floors beneath the carpet are more damaged than you first thought. These costs can all add up and wreak havoc on anyone’s budget. Here are a few things you might want to think about before making a leap to buying a fixer-upper. 

Tips to Make Your Home Look Picture Perfect

If there's one thing that can doom any listing instantly, it's poor photos of the home. When searching for anything online, the first thing we all look at is the photo. No one would buy a shirt or a bag online if it looks ugly in the pictures, so why would a home be any different? Luckily, there are some simple photography tricks that can take the appeal of any home up a notch without major renovations! It is especially important because of precautions people have adopted since the emergence of COVID-19 and a market with some quick transactions. Often people are searching for homes via the computer and it is essential that your on-line prescence really knocks it out of the park.