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Improving Indoor Air Quality Is a Growing Concern

As homes become more and more tightly sealed in the quest for better energy efficiency, there is also a growing need for better ventilation systems. Older homes allow more outside air to circulate through the house, increasing the load on the HVAC system but keeping air relatively "fresh" (of course, this depends entirely on the outside air quality); in contrast, newer homes have vastly improved their energy efficiency by sealing exterior air leaks at the cost of recirculating "stale" air. Luckily, there are already good solutions available to homeowners to help solve these ventilation issues. With COVID-19 air circulation has become a very important piece when it comes to controlling how we return to what we used to know as "normal". 

Why Now Is The Time To Look At Hot Springs Village For Your Next Home Purchase

dog in wagon with sign that says new home here i comeWhile you probably get sick of hearing about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, it really has had a hand in the real estate market lately. Worried homeowners who were uneasy about having their house on the market when noone was able to go anywhere have had a real impact on the shape and scope of the market in most areas and for most age groups. So if you are an active senior looking to relocate to a community that caters to you and your likes then now is the time to put the feelers out there and start looking. Thankfully the invention of the internet gives you the opportunity to give the real estate market a good look from the comfort of your home. 

Should I Be Concerned About My Home's Hard Water?

You probably don't think about it much unless something goes wrong, but water is one of the most fundamental needs in any home. Cooking, cleaning, hygiene, gardening... All of these tasks invariably require a steady supply H2O. If, for some reason, your home was to lose access to water, you would be immediately concerned; however, have you ever considered the quality of your water? When it comes to quality, one of the simplest and most important characteristics of your home's water is its hardness, which describes the concentrations of minerals within the water itself. Keep reading to learn about this common issue and why you should care about it in your home.