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How Valuable Is a Higher Credit Score?

You've heard it a million times before: increasing your credit score can have amazing benefits. However, you might be skeptical that moving this seemingly-magical number up a few points can really make all that much of a difference. LendingTree decided to prove the value of a great credit score by quantifying the money that someone with a "very good" score would save in interest compared to someone with a "fair" score. They found that a score of "very good" would save you over $29,000 on mortgage debt alone!

Rethink These Trendy Bathroom Design Choices

If you've been quietly hating your boring, outdated bathroom for years, then your desire for serious change is understandable. In fact, you aren't alone; some previously out-of-style design options have become more popular as homeowners attempt to break away from established norms like all-white everything and subway tile. However, now that you've finally decided to renovate, you might want to sit down and reconsider the bold colors and intricate patterns that looked so good in the online photos. HouseLogic recently identified some emerging design trends and alternate options that you should consider instead.

Should You Add a 'Bump Clause' to Your Purchase Contract?

In the current housing market, buyers are looking for anything they can use to sweeten their offer in the eyes of the seller. Enter the "bump clause", a small addition to home purchase contracts that is gaining popularity in some areas. Bump clauses are simple: they allow a seller to continue to market their home after accepting an offer until a buyer's sale contingencies are satisfied. If the seller receives a better offer during that time, the original buyer must either waive their contingencies or get "bumped" for the new deal. Keep reading to learn how you can utilize a bump clause to your benefit.