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Hidden Factors in Home Value

Everyone knows about the major characteristics that determine a home's value, such as square footage, neighborhood, and the level of interior updating, but what other, more subtle factors come into play? Real estate analytics company HouseCanary sought to answer this question by looking at 5 "hidden" home characteristics that might not be as obvious on a conscious level when measuring a home's value. They found that significant correlations not only exist for things like frontage length, but also show regional trends.

Outdoor Space Design That Adds Value

outdoor umbrellaAs summer fades into fall we are reminded of all the time we love to spend outdoors. Being able to incorporate the outdoors into your home will be a benefit both to you and your family as well as adding value to your home if you choose to sell in the future. Adding value on both ends can only be a plus for you. There are certain items and features that many homeowners choose to add to these indoor/outdoor spaces that are a good idea to consider for your own home.

Sellers Should Avoid These Controversial Interior Design Trends

One of the best things about owning your own home is the ability to change the interior in any way you want. Do you love pink carpet and wood paneling? Go for it! (Well, maybe don't go that far.) However, if selling your home is anywhere in the foreseeable future, then you should put some effort into keeping your interior design relatively conventional. While most current design choices won't make or break a sale, there are some common trends that can seriously turn off buyers.