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Garages: The Final Frontier in Renovation

Alright, you've remodeled that old bathroom full of pink tile, blown out a wall to create an open kitchen, and turned your basement into an entertainment room. What now? The answer may be hiding in plain sight: the garage. For many homeowners, the garage is one of the home's largest and least-utilized spaces. Because of this, an article in the New York Times has named the garage the final frontier in home renovation.

Outdoor Spaces Provide A Quiet Space To Relax

outdoor fire pitAs Spring starts to turn into Summer and the heat begins to rise you will most likely start to think about how to make your outdoor space up to par. Being able to relax in your outdoor space is of the utmost importance when the stress levels are rising. Staying at home, home-schooling plus other new stressors that have been thrust upon many of us during these strange times can have a large impact on stress levels. Having an updated and workable space to escape to will help keep your sanity.

Here's How to Get the Most out of Your Vacuum

WIth the onset of allergy season ramping up even more and more each year then an effective sweeper/vacuum is important to easing your suffering while inside. So if you think there's no wrong way to vacuum, then think again! Like any tool, your vacuum cleaner will only perform its job most effectively when used in the proper manner. Yes, this means that there is a certain amount of technique involved with the simple task of pushing the appliance back and forth across the floor. Even if you hate vacuuming, taking a little extra time to follow this advice will result in a cleaner house and a longer-lasting floor, making the effort well worth your while.