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Paint Like a Pro With These 7 Tricks

For some people, painting can instill a sense of dread. Those without steady hands often find themselves staring at decidedly messy finishes, splatters on nearby surfaces, and less than perfect lines. While the obvious tips like using tape and covering floors can prevent total disasters, HouseLogic.com has highlighted some of the more low-key tricks that can make your paint job look positively professional.

Garages: The Final Frontier in Renovation

Alright, you've remodeled that old bathroom full of pink tile, blown out a wall to create an open kitchen, and turned your basement into an entertainment room. What now? The answer may be hiding in plain sight: the garage. For many homeowners, the garage is one of the home's largest and least-utilized spaces. Because of this, an article in the New York Times has named the garage the final frontier in home renovation.

Sunny Weather Leads to a Much Needed Check of your Roof!

roof with tools on top of itWhen the sun is high in the sky and you have a clear view of your roof then it is the best time to take stock in how it is handling the weather being thrown at it. Heavy downpours, wind and hail can do a number on your shingles and gutters so now is a good time to get up there and really take a good look at its condition both inside your house and outside. Knowing that your roof does have a lifespan and expiration date can also help you plan for the worst but hope for the best.