Home Improvement

Simple DIY Projects That Won't Ruin Your Weekend

There are simple ways you can brighten up your living space without diving deep into a weeks long renovation. If you are just looking to do the simple things that can be done in a day (or over the long Memorial Day weekend) with a little elbow grease then here are a few ideas that can get you started!

Avoiding a Flooded Basement: 5 Tips

umbrellasGiven that Spring weather can be unpredictable, it seems appropriate to take the time to think about how you can avoid experiencing water damage in your own home. While these tips likely wouldn't be enough to help if you receive 20 inches of rain in just a few days, they will reduce or even prevent damage from occurring during typical heavy rain. Naturally, the part of your home most likely to become flooded is the lowest point, your basement! Follow these 5 tips to keep your basement water-free.

Building With The Environment In Mind

earth held being held within a human handWith Earth Day just passing us by yesterday it may have gotten you thinking about how you can improve your carbon footprint in the future home search or building project that may be looming. Constructing sustainable housing doesn’t only benefit the environment but it can offer a “win-win” situation as you decide to either build or purchase a home. While the cost to build sustainably may be cost prohibitive for some it may be worth it in the long run both monetarily and environmentally. Many studies have stated that people that have jobs as well as live in more eco-friendly buildings tend to have an elevated mood and their output at work is increased. Raising your kids in an environment that you feel comfortable knowing is a more healthy option is also quite a benefit.