Home Improvement

Use These Lighting Tips to Brighten Any Room

Do any of the rooms in your house suffer from being too dim? Symptoms include being unable to differentiate colors, struggling to clean surfaces, and needing to move a lamp in order to read. If any of these sound familiar, it's time to take back your space! While the obvious answer is to simply add more lights, sometimes space, cost, and design don't allow for the obvious. In that case, try using one of these lighting tricks that will make even the darkest room feel like the sun is shining!

Four Ways to Add Functionality to an Undersized Home

If you're currently living in a space that's simply too small to fit your needs, then you aren't alone. In fact, this is one of the most common errors made by buyers during the homebuying process. Whether it was due to budgetary limitations, a lack of suitable options, or simple miscalculation on your part, the result is still the same: you find yourself cramped and dreaming of wide-open spaces. Although you could technically build an addition to the house or move again, these expensive and stressful undertakings are best saved as a last resort. Instead, consider the following four strategies that can make living space appear almost out of thin air!

Should You Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

Have you ever considered switching from a traditional water heater to a tankless system? Tankless heaters offer a variety of advantages compared to their water-storing counterparts, the most notable of which is their ability to provide an unlimited supply of hot water. Unless you enjoy cold showers, this feature alone can make a tankless system worth installing; however, there are several additional reasons to consider making the switch to tankless. Keep reading for a quick guide to the pros and cons of a tankless water heater!