Home Improvement

Take Your Stairs to the Next Level

As we talked about in our last blog your entryway can make or break a first impression but whether you realize it or not, your home's staircase is one of its most prominent focal points; after all, many layouts present it as the first thing you see upon entering the front door. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect their stairs as just a means to reaching the upper floor. If you've realized the error of your ways and want to make a change, keep reading to learn about several great options for taking your stairs to the next level!

Simple Elements for an Outstanding Entryway

A home really has two chances at a first impression: the view from the street, and the view when you walk through the front door. Just as a friendly greeting can put a new acquaintance at ease, your foyer, or entryway, can immediately make guests feel comfortable and welcome in your home. While this fact is important for entertaining friends and family in everyday life, a well-designed foyer is also key to imparting an excellent first impression on prospective buyers! No matter how you pronounce it, there are some basic elements that will allow any foyer to be a warm and welcoming entry space (and some that accomplish the opposite).

Garages: The Final Frontier in Renovation

Alright, you've remodeled that old bathroom full of pink tile, blown out a wall to create an open kitchen, and turned your basement into an entertainment room. What now? The answer may be hiding in plain sight: the garage. For many homeowners, the garage is one of the home's largest and least-utilized spaces. Because of this, an article in the New York Times has named the garage the final frontier in home renovation.