Home Design

Design Tips for Opening Up (Or Closing Off) a Space

Do you dream about having an open floor plan in your compartmentalized home? Or pine for a little more privacy in your wide-open living room? You aren't alone! Many home owners find themselves in a home that they otherwise love, but with a layout that doesn't suit them. You might think that your only option is to remove/add walls, but this process is often prohibitively expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. Luckily, by implementing the proper design changes, you can create the illusion of opening up or closing off a space without actually changing the home's layout!

Don't Overlook Wood Countertops

If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen, one of the most visually and functionally important aspects to consider is your countertop material. Sure, you could go with classics such as marble, granite, or even a more modern quartz, but have you considered wood? Contrary to what some people believe, wood can make an excellent countertop material when properly maintained. Keep reading to learn why you shouldn't overlook this underutilized design element!

Avoid These Design Mistakes in your Bathroom

Thinking about making some renovations to your bathroom? It's always fun to change things up, but be careful not to make any design decisions on a whim. Choosing the wrong option means either living with the mistake or paying (again) to fix it. In this post, you can read about several bathroom design choices that homeowners often come to regret.