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What Makes Someone a Good Neighbor?

Do you think that most people like their neighbors? Your visceral reaction might be to assume the worst, but the answer is actually quite positive! In fact, according to's newly-released 2018 Good Neighbor Report, a whopping 77% of people feel that they have a good neighbor. As part of the report, the survey also asked people to identify the qualities which were most important in a good neighbor. What do you think came out on top?

Where Does Arkansas Rank in Yard Size?

How large (or small) is an average home's yard in each state? It's a relatively simple question, but one which yields a vast range of answers. In fact, the yards in the highest-ranked state average almost 74,000 square feet, while those in the last-place state are a measly 4,300! Where does Arkansas fall along the spectrum? The Natural State ranks a very impressive 8th, with an average yard coming in at over 30,000 square feet! Keep reading to learn which homeowners have the most outdoor room to roam on their property.

Even Experienced Home Buyers Can Make These Mistakes

Many articles are specifically written for first-time home buyers, whose lack of experience naturally puts them in a more vulnerable position when searching for a home. However, when dealing with something as complicated as real estate, there are still plenty of mistakes to be made by even seasoned buyers! Keep reading to learn about four home buying traps which often ensnare repeat buyers as they attempt to find their next home.