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Build with the Sun in Mind

Many of us consider the scorching rays of the summer sun to be an unavoidable drawback of an otherwise lovely season, especially when it comes to energy bills. However, there are relatively simple ways that you can make you home work with the sun, rather than against it. Of course, the best time to implement these plans is during the home construction phase, but that doesn't mean you need to give in to the air conditioner if your home is already standing!

Paint Like a Pro With These 7 Tricks

For some people, painting can instill a sense of dread. Those without steady hands often find themselves staring at decidedly messy finishes, splatters on nearby surfaces, and less than perfect lines. While the obvious tips like using tape and covering floors can prevent total disasters, has highlighted some of the more low-key tricks that can make your paint job look positively professional.

Common Features That Are Becoming Standard for New Homebuyers

home with hardwood flooring throughoutWhen looking for a new home or even perhaps building a home from scratch there are often certain features that are becoming more and more common. Whether you are looking for a new home or building having amenities that are tailored to your lifestyle is key to finding that perfect dream home.