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Hot Springs Village Golf Courses Highlights

Summer will be officially upon us soon so what's better than a lovely round of golf on one of our award winning golf courses! Golfing in Hot Springs Village Arkansas is a world-class experience.  Learn about our beautiful courses.

Buyers, Don't Panic If Your Credit Score Falls

After finally purchasing a home, buyers are often dismayed to find that their credit score has taken a significant dip. If you just spent the last year working to boost your score and qualify for a mortgage, then it's understandable to be a little concerned at seeing it suddenly fall. To make the situation even more confusing, this decline often lags several months behind the home purchase, raising doubts about what actually caused it to happen. Luckily, recent studies shows that a drop in credit score following a home purchase is not only normal, but generally corrects itself in less than one year! Keep reading to learn why scores fall after buying a home, how large you should expect the decline to be, and when you can expect the score to return to normal.

Basement Flooring Options Vary

woman on floor with computerInstalling a new floor in your basement can be a huge undertaking. Decisions about how and what flooring to choose are important questions that must be answered before starting such a project. Basements pose a different set of issues due to their location and propensity to be humid and damp locations. These are detrimental to a lot of types of flooring. Finding out what your specific basement can handle is key to a successful project.