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Sunny Weather Leads to a Much Needed Check of your Roof!

roof with tools on top of itWhen the sun is high in the sky and you have a clear view of your roof then it is the best time to take stock in how it is handling the weather being thrown at it. Heavy downpours, wind and hail can do a number on your shingles and gutters so now is a good time to get up there and really take a good look at its condition both inside your house and outside. Knowing that your roof does have a lifespan and expiration date can also help you plan for the worst but hope for the best. 

Deciding to Downsize and Weighing the Reasons

small house with a set of keysDownsizing is a decision that many older couples are making as they look for homes that they view as perhaps the place they will spend the majority of their retirement years. There are some good and sometimes frustrating things that can occur once the downsizing takes place.

Remove These Scary Items Before Showing Your Home

"Scary" is a relative term. While one person might view something as an interesting piece of art, another might see it as downright disgusting. Rather than take the risk with something as important as a home sale, here are some items that should always be removed before showing the home to any potential buyer. While going viral on Instagram with accounts like "Zillow Gone Wild" may help your sale there are some things that can leave a bad taste in a buyers mind.