Kitchen Remodels Keep Return On Investment High

well organized kitchenAre you planning to sell this coming Spring? Then you need to make sure that your kitchen is in order before making that leap. Your kitchen is the hub of activity throughout most of the day. A lot happens there and people often gravitate toward that room to congregate or share a meal. If you want to see a return of investment when it comes to your kitchen then there are a few things that you should note before you sell.


When it comes to appliances, don't always go for the cheapest option. As the saying goes “They don’t make things like they used to.” There is no reason to break the bank when it comes to your refrigerator or dishwasher but it is important to do your due diligence and invest smartly in items that you will be using every single day. Most designers will try to dissuade you from choosing brash, bold colors for your kitchen design. They almost always will need to be changed should you choose to sell at any point. If you do decide that your style demands a large presence of color then just keep in mind that these choices should be easily reverted should the need arise.


A study from August of 2022 asked 2,000 Americans showed that the average person spends approximately 67 minutes per day in the kitchen. That works out to be over 400 hours a year! Spending that amount of time in one room you should be able to enjoy the space. Having a nice functional space is key to keeping things in check. It is essential that you try your best to keep the clutter to a minimum. Keeping large countertop appliances out of view if possible will keep the counter nice and presentable. Not everyone is blessed with adequate storage space so making the tough decisions on what can stay and what may go might be an issue. 


What is the reason for having a great looking kitchen if the lighting makes it look dark and drabby? Having adequate light will not only brighten your mood while you are in there it can increase functionality. You need to see your food in all its glory. Getting to the point where you have a well lit kitchen may mean drastic measures such as adding a window or skylight, taking down a wall or something as simple as adding lighted accents under your cabinets. It all really depends on your budget and what you can afford to do. 


Functional cabinets are key to keeping all of your kitchen supplies well tucked away. You also don't want those cabinets to look worn and shabby. Once again if your budget permits and it is necessary a full remodel of your cabinetry may be needed. However, if the bones are good a simple resurfacing of the cabinet doors and hardware may be all that you need to keep it looking fresh and new.


Your kitchen is a hub of activity and it needs to function well for both your own enjoyment as well as giving you the best return on investment that you can get. Keeping in mind what big changes can be made as well as staying on track for just the little things will keep you current in todays design trends.