New Year Trends For Your Home

couples enjoying wineWith the celebration of a New Year comes a whole new set of predictions and trends that people put forth with gusto. What will 2023 have in store for people in reference to your home and how we live as a society? With 2022 in the rear view mirror it is safe to say that people are hoping for a more positive outlook on their lives and how they make their way in the world. Having to stay at home for long periods of time is not out of the ordinary so it is also safe to say that home upgrades are on most peoples to do lists. What are some things that tops a lot of lists? Let's find out!
Internet Accessibility - For years now the age of the Internet and how our lives integrate with being online has been growing and growing and the COVID-19 pandemic has solidified that even more. Having to have a digital capability that can withstand multiple work from home situations coupled with multiple children possibly having to do their homework and classwork online has put a strain on some families' abilities to manage such a load. Upgrades to systems and hardware are most definitely on the list for wants in the New Year. 
Entertainment - Along with upgrades to internet systems comes the resurgence of entertainment spaces to stream the multitudes of Netflix, Disney+, and various streaming services and movies. An entertainment set up or system seems like a great investment considering the amount of content that is available. A number of people have looked to their basements to create the ultimate “man cave” experience to watch movies and sports or to play video games. Those types of spaces are a wealth of possibilities but it is important to build within any code considering fire exits and safety measures.
Outdoor Spaces - Even though it is winter and outdoor living is challenging in some climates it is still a very big draw for home buyers. Imagining a lovely fall day next to a warm fire pit or a hot summer day on a patio with an ice cold drink in your hand will go far when trying to sell your home or if you are trying to find a home. Improvements to any outdoor space that you have will pay out greatly both when you sell or just in the enjoyment of your space. Greenery and a well kept lawn is important to the enjoyment of your home so make sure to keep up with any seasonal upkeep that may need to be done. Looking into self maintaining foliage may help you in this case. Noone wants to spend our entirety working outside.   
Eco-friendly Enhancements - Being a good citizen of the earth is always a good plan when it comes to your home. Most of the time it will actually save you money to install systems that reduce your carbon footprint. The goal for a lot of homeowners is to be fully carbon neutral which can be achieved by implementing certain processes. Rain barrels, composting ,and solar panels are some outdoor improvements. Making sure you have proper upkeep of your appliances so that they are working at their best efficiency is a good way to both save money and be conscious of the environment. Even having the proper window treatments can go a long way to saving energy by reducing how hard your heating and cooling systems have to work. 
While there is much debate over whether bigger is better or if having a smaller well maintained space is best there is no doubt that people are interested in having a good quality space that works for them and their family. WIth home sales being as frustrating at times that they are it is important that you make the space you have work for you the best it can. Making the best of your situation until it can change is important to your work/life balance that you can maintain in your life. If you are interested in looking for a new space in this new year then look no further than our offices and staff here at Century 21 Hot Springs Village. We can help you find what you are looking for the easiest way we know how! Happy New Year!