What Makes Someone a Good Neighbor?

Do you think that most people like their neighbors? Your visceral reaction might be to assume the worst, but the answer is actually quite positive! In fact, according to realtor.com's newly-released 2018 Good Neighbor Report, a whopping 77% of people feel that they have a good neighbor. As part of the report, the survey also asked people to identify the qualities which were most important in a good neighbor. What do you think came out on top?

Out of the more than 1,000 participants, 77% believed that they had a good neighbor, while only 7% reported that they did not (the remainder weren't sure). There were some demographic trends observed by the report. For instance, men were more likely than women to report having a good neighbor (82% vs 72%). Additionally, age seemed to be a factor, as older respondents were more likely than younger respondents to report having a good neighbor (over 55 = 81%; under 34 = 72%).

Now for the big question: what makes someone a good neighbor? If your first thought was "being quiet", then you aren't alone; however, "quiet" actually came in second place among the most-desirable traits, with 50% of people reporting that it was a must-have characteristic. The most important quality for a good neighbor to have is actually being "trustworthy" (59%), while "friendly" (46%), "respectful" (43%), and "clean/neat" (36%) rounded out the rest of the top 5.

When it came to the least-desirable traits, the clear winner (loser?) was "being disrespectful of property", with 67% of people considering it to be among the worst traits a neighbor can have. Other bad traits were "loud" (60%) and "untrustworthy" (54%).

All of this leads up to two obvious questions: Do you think that you have good neighbors? And perhaps more importantly, based on the most and least desirable traits, do you think that you are a good neighbor?

Source: "Three out of Four People Believe They Have Good Neighbors"