Preventative Tips for Extreme Weather Events

icicleThere is a lot we can learn from the recent weather events that had much of the area snowed in, iced over, and suffering from extreme cold temperatures. While the recent weather was not what we are used to there are some lessons we can take from this so that we can be more prepared in the future for any extreme weather we may encounter. Whether it is extreme cold or heat or flooding and natural disasters we must be prepared for what the future could hold.
Whenever the weather forecast comes out that even the hint of harsh weather is on the way you can see the increase in traffic at the local grocery store as people search for the basic essentials. You should always have a certain amount of non-perishable food and water on hand at all times. Perishable food will need to be replenished so a trip to the store to make sure you have what you might need might be necessary. Be prepared for the power to go out. This might include having a manual can opener on hand! Keeping a bag of rock salt  can help control the ice you may have built up on your drive or sidewalk.
Falls and scrapes can be an issue when there is ice formation so it is a good idea to make sure your first aid kit is stocked and ready for those bumps and scratches. Bandages, pain relievers, antiseptic are a good start but make sure that everything is stocked and ready. Prescription medication is also a priority when you might be stranded at home. Make sure you always have a good supply of your medications before the storm hits so that you don’t have to risk going out for your pills.
When the power goes out the instinct is to light a candle but you want to be able to do that safely and never leave the candles unattended. A better way to provide light would be to make sure that you have multiple working flashlights and enough battery back-up to change out those batteries if needed. Research which flashlights are rated to last the longest and see if you can add some of those to your emergency kit. External battery packs for your mobile devices are also smart to have on hand. This will help keep your cell phone on in case of an emergency. Some homeowners may put their fireplace maintenance off every year but this is a good reason not to do so. You never know when you may need to rely on it to provide warmth in absence of having power. Having a clean and well maintained chimney will reduce the chance of chimney fires and such.
Frozen pipes are a worst fear of many during a cold weather event. Keeping your faucets in the kitchen and bathroom at a slow trickle will help keep your pipes flowing. Try to insulate as best you can any exposed pipe that you may have on the outside of your home. Be aware of any exhaust areas you may have so that you are avoiding the blockage of any of those areas. 
And lastly do not leave your home unless it is absolutely necessary. The fewer people on the road the easier it is for what little resources our area has to work on clearing the roads. If you absolutely have to go somewhere make sure that your car emergency kit is as well stocked as your home kit. Non-perishable food, water, blankets and flashlights are a definite necessity whenever you head out in your car. Keeping safe during any emergency is key to a happy life.