Simple Elements for an Outstanding Entryway

A home really has two chances at a first impression: the view from the street, and the view when you walk through the front door. Just as a friendly greeting can put a new acquaintance at ease, your foyer, or entryway, can immediately make guests feel comfortable and welcome in your home. While this fact is important for entertaining friends and family in everyday life, a well-designed foyer is also key to imparting an excellent first impression on prospective buyers! No matter how you pronounce it, there are some basic elements that will allow any foyer to be a warm and welcoming entry space (and some that accomplish the opposite).

Take a Look In the Mirror

One of the most simple and effective aspects of a top-notch foyer is a mirror. From a design perspective, a reasonably sized mirror on the wall will help make a small entry space seem larger, brighter, and more open. However, a mirror also serves a functional role by allowing people on their way in or out to check their appearance before advancing, which (hopefully) helps increase self confidence and positivity.

A Source of Illumination

The next and equally important element of a perfect entryway is a source of light. Whether it be overhead, a floor lamp, or even a small table lamp, the form doesn't matter so much as the fit within the room. Proper lighting will make the foyer visible even when all other house lights are turned off, allowing owners to see as they leave and welcoming guests arriving at night. Avoid low-hanging overhead fixtures or floor lamps that are too large for the space, as they will make the area seem cramped and crowded.

Flowers for Color

A small vase of flowers, or even a potted plant, can add a splash of life and color to an otherwise plain room. Although they may seem like unnecessary clutter (more on that later), flowers will serve to increase the welcoming aspect of the foyer without the need for more elaborate decoration. As with the lamp, size matters; don't place a huge fern into a narrow hallway.

A Place to Rest

A bench or chair will help make any foyer much more comfortable and functional, as it allows people to sit as they remove and put back on their shoes. This becomes especially true in the winter months when considerable effort might be required to take off wet, heavy boots.

Keep Clutter Contained

Adding a small bowl or dish to a table will provide you with a place to set keys, change, and other potential clutter before it can become an eyesore. If you are attempting to woo buyers, the homey touch of a key bowl will serve to make them feel more like they are visiting a real house, rather than just a building for sale.

Things to Avoid

While it can be tempting, don't throw stacks of junk mail, receipts, or other papers onto the table in the entryway. Starting a pile of clutter will often result in it growing over time, so the best thing to do is simply carry the junk to the nearest trash can or recycling bin. Another trap to avoid is allowing every coat you own to sit on the rack or become stuffed into the foyer's closet. Limit your clothing kept near the door to only those things that are seasonally appropriate, while storing the rest somewhere else in the house. Finally, as was mentioned previously about lamps and plants, don't fill the foyer with large or unnecessary furniture. Ideally, the only things that are filling your entryway are people!