Home buying and home selling

Hidden Factors in Home Value

Everyone knows about the major characteristics that determine a home's value, such as square footage, neighborhood, and the level of interior updating, but what other, more subtle factors come into play? Real estate analytics company HouseCanary sought to answer this question by looking at 5 "hidden" home characteristics that might not be as obvious on a conscious level when measuring a home's value. They found that significant correlations not only exist for things like frontage length, but also show regional trends.

Looking to Buy? Beware These Red Flags.

Going to an open house is exciting! You get to find answers to all those details that the listing didn't mention while seeing big items like appliances and closets up-close. However, don't be blinded by the nice brochure or fresh paint; sometimes homes are hiding something. Realtor.com has made a list of ten red flags to be on the lookout for at any open house. Some of these issues could be nothing, but you should always look into them to be safe!

What Millennials Want

In today's real estate market, every other article seems to be about millennials. Not sure who exactly is a millennial? Although the age range isn't always consistent, the term generally refers to the generation born between 1980 and 2000. While it seems like overkill, there's a good reason that so many people are talking about this particular group; after all, they are now the largest generation in the country and they make up 35% of all recent home buyers. Because of these facts, appealing to this group is extremely important for anyone looking to sell their home. Luckily, Bankrate has assembled a list of key characteristics that you can use to maximize your home's appeal to the millennial generation.