Take Your Stairs to the Next Level

As we talked about in our last blog your entryway can make or break a first impression but whether you realize it or not, your home's staircase is one of its most prominent focal points; after all, many layouts present it as the first thing you see upon entering the front door. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect their stairs as just a means to reaching the upper floor. If you've realized the error of your ways and want to make a change, keep reading to learn about several great options for taking your stairs to the next level!

Accent the Risers

Although you might not think about them much, the risers on a staircase are one of its most visible elements. As people go up each step, they become a sort of captive audience to whatever is at eye level. By decorating your risers, you can take advantage of this fact to transform your stairs from boring to beautiful! Adding a simple accent color or pattern to each level can accomplish this goal quickly and without too much risk in the design department. Paint, wallpaper, or even tile can all work in this regard.

If you're feeling more adventurous, you could try painting numbers, words, or phrases onto each riser. While this idea certainly increases the conversation factor, it can backfire if you choose controversial, cliché, or otherwise unpleasant subjects. Some safe examples include numbering each step, writing family names, or adding family birthdays in chronological order (those extra steps at the top can be for future grandkids).

To Rug or Not to Rug

If your stairs are covered in old, worn-out carpet, your best bet is to simply rip it out. Refinish the hardwood underneath if possible, or install a new rug to add more color to the staircase. If you plan on selling the house in the near future, go with a neutral shade; otherwise, don't be afraid to pick a more bold pattern than you would for the living room floor.

Nooks Are Your Friend

If the space underneath your staircase isn't being used, you are essentially throwing away free storage! Build in shelves, a desk, cubbies, or even a closet to utilize this space to the fullest. If the stairs are near the front door, this area will serve the added bonus of becoming a functional part of the foyer.

Upgrade the Railings

If you are sick of the staircase's boring wood banister, consider adding style by swapping the wood out for wrought iron, steel, horizontal cables, or even glass. Be sure to match the new style to your home's existing design!

Keep It Clean and Uncluttered

Because of the odd shape and vertical layout, its easy to neglect cleaning your staircase to the fullest; however, guests who are climbing the stairs will definitely notice the dust, cobwebs, and dirt that accumulate on each step without regular vacuuming. Also, keep the steps and landings clear of any clutter; having items on or within close proximity to the stairs represents a serious safety hazard in addition to making the staircase feel cramped.

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